It’s one Year Already and Simdi joined us


A year ago, I married this beautiful lady in court. Our marriage didn’t take the conventional route. We both unanimously agreed to take the step. Although we were from different tribes, we had a perfect understanding of each other. None of our family members were present, not because they weren’t in support, but because the situation in the country at the time was a bit tight and made it almost impossible for them to be present.

Most of our friends were present. So far, the journey has been awesome and our family is expanding. We now have a third person among us by the name of Simdi.

Simdi has brought so much joy to our souls, we just can’t ask for anything more. Her beauty radiates like the moon, and virtually everyone that meets her wants to pick her up. Simdi is just an answer to prayers. I’m so glad that God picked us to be her parents. We pledge to do our best to raise her.

So enough of the stories; here is the time I’m meant to pen down a love letter to my lovely wife… I’m not really the kind of guy that does this (hehehe). Wait, did I tell you that Simdi is such an attention seeker? She is here yelling and kicking me. This is what she does whenever she wants you to carry her while standing.

Let’s go. back to business. (After a ten-minute wait) Damn! I really don’t want to make this lady’s head swell (rolling eyes). Iol, I’ve lost touch with romantic words. OK, here we go… 

Titi, from the first day I met you… (That intro is too clich√© and dry.) After all these back and forths, this love letter has to be really worth it, right?

Here we go…

I have never felt this much peace in my entire life. You have given me everything I ever asked for. I have no doubt that you are my soul mate.

I know sometimes I can be a dickhead and misbehave, but babe, trust me when I say this, I will choose you a thousand times over. It’s you I want to do this life with.

You give me so much peace of mind, and I look forward to coming home every day. I do not know how you always put me on the right track, sweetheart. I must admit that sometimes I assume your concern as nagging, but I also respect you for reprimanding me with love. I awoke with one wish in my heart: that we may grow old alongside our children. No one matters more to me than you. It has always been just you, and I want it to remain that way. Cheers to many more years with you.

I love you till the day after forever.

Chinonso Anyaehie

Chinonso Anyaehie

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