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About me


Let’s demystify parenting  [highlight background=”#FFCAD4″ style=”underline”]together[/highlight]

It’s still a mystery how a child becomes good or bad. There are no hard and fast rules, nor is there a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. What works for Mr. A may not be suitable for Mr. B. I’ve witnessed irresponsible and careless parents raise seemingly good children, as well as responsible parents raise spoilt brats. Most children who do well do so not because they have the best parents. Don’t get me wrong: parenting plays a huge role in shaping a child’s character, but the truth is that parenting is a mystery that needs to be decoded by digging deep and thinking deeply about what works for you. Every child is unique. Let’s debunk parenting together.


“Nothing in this world prepares you to become a good parent.” There’s no special manual anywhere—this is why you should be intentional about it. You can afford to fail at anything and have a second chance at it, but if you fail at parenting, there’s no second chance. Sometimes our greatest achievement is not what we accomplished, but who we raised. The most heartbreaking thing for any parent is having damaged adults. These kids grow up so fast, and before you know it, it’s too late to imbibe any values or morals into them. The journey starts from day one of life. I don’t know it all – I’m new to the journey, but if there’s one thing I have, it’s the undying passion to raise good kids. The journey can’t be smooth, but we learn every day. I started this platform to share my journey with you—hoping that we can all learn and grow”.