ipaParenting.ng was launched in 2016 to serve as a destination platform for all things parent and family. It is Nigeria’s foremost family and parenting website and was created with the sole purpose of educating parents on the proper ways of raising their children and building their family.

The site touches all aspect of good parenting and grooming, with a large growing community of Nigerian parents. The job of raising smart and healthy children, who will in the future be a positive influence on society, starts with the parents. It’s easier to learn as an infant than an adult and when early efforts are not made to instill discipline.

A wayward adult is a product of bad parenting while a responsible adult is a product of good parenting; this saying can never be disputed. At a tender age, our subconscious mind is more active and everything you thought as a kid is likely to shape your thinking and reality. Most children introduced to the use of technology and computer programs at a very early age end up building successful companies. Take, for instance, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg; at a very young age, his Father got him a programming teacher and this simple action modeled his entire life. Children who were a product of careless and irresponsible parents most times follow their parent’s path, except for some rare cases of God’s intervention. When a child is raised properly and left to live on his terms as an adult – If he derails in his path as an adult, it’s easier for him to retrace his steps because he still has those fundamental principles instilled in him by his parents. When a child is raised properly, he discovers his real purpose in life earlier and becomes something of a positive impact earlier in life. However, when a child is not properly raised he wonders about indulging in many unnecessary activities and most times when he finally discovers himself, many years have been wasted already. Proverbs 22:6 New King James Version (NKJV) Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Most Nigerian parents do a bad job on raising healthy children. At a very young age, they fill their launch box with all sorts of processed and packaged foods like biscuits, candies, and processed drinks and they still complain that their children are not achieving good grades in school. This food degenerates the child’s body in many ways. They fill the infant’s body with sodium and processed sugar, which do more harm than good and can lead to fatigue, obesity, and disease. They gradually impair your child’s immune system. Children are to be fed with live foods which are filled with antioxidant, for proper brain and body developments. They are meant to be taught the importance of living a healthy lifestyle so when they grow, they do not deviate from it.

We also found that nowadays, prayer is the last thing in most parents’ minds. When a child is not brought up to love God and live by his commandments, most times they end up being a nuisance to society, because they have zero fear of God. It’s the duty of parents to create time for regular family devotion and bring their children closer to God while teaching them the words in the scripture. Look around you, do you like what is happening in Nigeria today? Most adults are jobless because their parents didn’t teach them they can start up something with their own God given skills. Most young girls go into prostitution because their parents didn’t teach them how to be contempt and hardworking. Most teenagers join cultism in schools because their parents didn’t bring them closer to God at a tender age. Most young men misbehave in their marriages because their father did the same. A child who sees his father as a failure will always have reasons to defend his harmful actions. Most children were abused as a child because of their parent’s carelessness. These and more are the problems burdening our heart, which we have set out to solve in Nigeria.

We also go a step further by providing information on proper pregnancy nutrition, IQ development, child’s health care, guidelines on raising children, manners & discipline, harnessing creativity, fertility nutrition, family planning and child health. You will find some free tools like the fertility and ovulation calculator, the due date calculator and kid’s weight calculator to make your parenting journey enjoyable.

We also offer for sale a wide range of educational toys, kid’s clothing, child and pregnancy medication and every other thing you need to be an amazing parent.

Our Community

Our site is also built to foster community interaction through our discussion boards. We have discussion boards where expecting parents can interact with other couples expecting a baby. You can also find discussion board based on due dates and raising smart children. There is a whole lot of information you can get just by being a part of the discussion board