How to Prepare for Conception with a Fertility Cleanse

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September 23, 2016
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For over a decade now I have designed and prescribed different types of detox, ranging from colon cleanse, liver cleanse and kidney cleanse. Each of these cleanses has a different approach. While a colon cleanse may require you to take in lots of fiber into your system a liver cleanse require you to support its detoxification with special herbs and foods. I have on several occasions meet women who want to go on a cleanse to help them conceive or prepare their body for a baby. I try to let them know that the way a normal cleanse is done is totally different from the way a fertility cleanse is done. A fertility cleanse is a cleanse that supports the body in preparation for conception. One thing I always advise against is that you should never try any form of cleansing while you are pregnant. When you cleanse your body while pregnant, your body releases toxins that end up being sent to the baby Utero as well as through the breast milk. Instead of cleansing, I suggest you eat good food with cleansing properties along with a nutritious diet.

With a fertility cleanse you focus on cleansing only two organs in the body which are the uterus and the liver. These organs should be cleansed during a specific phase of your menstrual cycle. The liver stage should be done the first day after your period has ended – up until ovulation, this is to support the liver in cleansing the body of excess hormones. While the uterine phase is done from the ovulation until the first day of your period – the uterine cleanse helps support hormonal balance, increase circulation, cleanse the old stagnant blood and increase uterine muscle tone. So, therefore, the basic difference between a normal cleanse and a fertility cleanse is that a fertility cleanses works with times of your cycles and involves two organs, which are the liver and the uterus.

Fertility cleanse doesn’t require any intense form of cleansing and shouldn’t interfere with your day to day activities – but involves the usage of whole herbs, which most times comes in form of capsules, teas, and liquid extracts. I hope by now you get a general idea. All you need it to cleanse your liver and uterus within a particular cycle.

Below I’m going to list some of the possible herbs you can use to cleanse the liver and uterus,

Liver Cleansing Herbs:

The liver is the major organ of detoxification. It rids the blood of toxins and produce more bile used in digestion, breaks down insulin, hemoglobin, and other hormones. It stores glucose and converts it into useable sugar. It destroys old red blood cells and converts ammonia to urea. It breaks down insulin, hemoglobin, and other hormones.

Milk Thistle Seed:

If you look closely you will virtually see Milk Thistle as an active ingredient in most liver cleansing supplements out there. Milk thistle helps support the liver’s detoxification process and helps filter excess hormones

Dandelion Root:

Dandelion helps detoxify the liver and promote increased bile production. It is also used as a liver tonic to stimulate sluggish or congested liver. The root also acts as a mild laxative for improved digestion and help encourage hormonal balance.

Burdock Root:

Burdock root is known to help purify the blood. A weak liver may have problems purifying the blood, so it makes perfect sense to support its function with burdock. It also aids in the removal of toxins from the liver, all of which aids in hormonal balance.


Turmeric contains an active component known as curcumin, which is anti-inflammatory and great for detoxifying the liver and promoting liver health.

Red Clover:

Red clover just like burdock root is used as a blood purifier. Red clover stimulates bile production to help the liver process fats in the body. It’s anti-inflammatory and help to reduce inflammation in the liver.

Other herbs used for liver detoxification includes Yellow dock root, which stimulates bile production and supports liver health.

Uterine Cleansing & Tonic Herbs


Red Raspberry leaf is one of the most commonly used her for pregnancy. Red raspberry is used as a uterine tonic to help regulate and tone uterine muscles and normalize blood flow during menses by stimulating the muscles that support the uterus. It can also help return the uterus to its normal tone and reduce swelling and bleeding after birth.

Goldenseal Root:

Goldenseal has multi-purpose use and it’s said to be antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Goldenseal helps clean and promotes healthy glandular functions by increasing bile flow and digestive enzymes. It’s also used in soothing irritated mucous membrane – and to help the body fight infection and ease uterine discomfort.


Motherwort is an effective herb used in uterine cleanse. It contains a uterus stimulating component known as leourine and can be used to contract the uterus after childbirth. Ancient Chinese medicine uses it in the treatment of menopausal and menstrual symptoms. It also increases circulation in the pelvis and tones the reproductive system.


Ginger helps increase blood flow and oxygen to the uterus. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory and boosts circulation while promoting healthy sweating.

Dong Quai Root:

Also known as Angelica Sinensis has been used as a herbal medication for over 2,000 years to treat blood deficiency, relieve pain, relax bowels and build blood health. It is mostly prescribed to women who need to enrich their blood. The herb is also used to increase circulation to the reproductive organs and to build a healthy uterine lining. It also helps the uterus to function without much tension.

Damiana Leaf:

Damiana leaf is well used to increase circulation to the reproductive system and libido

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