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juicingAs a parent how do you ensure that your family stays healthy and vibrant? We live in a world where it’s almost impossible to stay away from toxins. We are surrounded by all kinds of toxins from processed and packaged food, which are the biggest culprit of toxin exposure. These processed foods are laden with chemical and addictive that leads to various health defects. Even the water we drink isn’t safe. Studies have found that prescription and over the counter drugs are been found in our tap water. The major source of drinking water in Nigeria is the pure water – which we know nothing about the source or how hygienic they are. Our environment also contributes to more toxins in our lives. Pollutions from manufacturing industries, cigarettes smokes and pollution from vehicles. With all these sources of toxins, how to you ensure you keep your family toxin free? One of the major ways I recommend is through healthy juicing. You may or may not know what I’m driving at. In case you don’t, juicing is simply a way of extracting the liquid content of various fruits and vegetables through the aid of a machine called a juicer. This liquid content is meant to be consumed regularly for optimum health. Juicing is by far the best way to bring total healing to the body and for me juicing it’s one of the best discovery I have ever made. Freshly pressed juice of fruits and vegetables are a pure
gift from Mother Nature to heal and nourish the body. Juicing changed my family’s health in many ways, Firstly we stopped craving for junks and we felt more energized and active. I also recommend that you consider adding juicing to your family health regime. Below are some of the advantage you can your family will get trough juicing.

Juicing will help you and your family get a daily dose of fruits and vegetables:

Drinking freshly pressed juice of fruits and vegetables is the best way you and your family can get a complete serving of fruits and vegetables which are recommended by virtually every wellness experts.

Juicing help condenses vitamins and minerals without having to eat massive fruits and vegetables: 

Have you ever imagined what it will feel like to consume a massive amount of fruits and vegetables (like carrot, spinach, celery, and kale together) with all the fibers intact? It will surely be a heck of work notwithstanding the amount of stomach ache and stress you can get doing that. Juicing helps you condense these vegetables so they can be easily assimilated.

Juicing helps absorb virtually all the nutrients from fruits and vegetable: 

Most of us have impaired digestive system due to our poor eating habits, which limits your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Juicing puts the digestive function at rest and makes the nutrients easily absorbed by the cells.

Juicing help in weight loss: 

Drinking freshly pressed juice of vegetables is one the surest path to weight loss. I recommend you stick to vegetable juices, with a few fruits like lemon and lime for optimum results. You can also go on a juice fast, this helps detoxify your body and kick start your immune system.

Juicing helps in hydrating the body: 

Nothing hydrates the body like freshly pressed juice of fruits and vegetables. In most cases, patients undergoing treatment of chronic disease with juicing are advised to only hydrate their body with juice because water filling up the stomach tends to dilute the action of that organ’s gastric acids and digestive enzymes.

Juicing gives you a great amount of chlorophyll:

Juicing enables us to take in great amount of chlorophyll which I call the life force because they have a unique structure which enhances the body’s ability to produce hemoglobin, enhancing the delivery of oxygen to the cells.

Juicing is used in healing chronic disease:

A vast number of substances found in freshly pressed juice of fruits and vegetable are known to protect against cancer, which is referred to as phytochemicals.

Juicing is a great source of Natural Sugar (Frutose): 

Juice of fruits mainly is the major source of natural sugar which are rich in minerals, vitamin, enzymes and other phytochemicals that aren’t found in refined sugar. They deliver as much energy as refined sugar but are without chemicals and fats.

Juicing help maintains the body’s alkaline state:

The easiest way to increase the body’s alkalinity is to drink freshly pressed juice of fruits and vegetables and limit the consumption of toxic foods.

Juicing is used for detoxification and cleansing:

The only known means of detoxification is by juicing. Juicing helps the body gets rid of accumulated toxins, this can be done through doing a juice fast. Detoxifying and cleansing the digestive system and colon helps clear the mind and balance your mood. Juice detox or fast helps your metabolism become more efficient and if a whole or raw food diet is adopted the body reverts back to its natural state.

Juicing prevent free radical damage:

One of the greatest benefits of juicing is providing the body with high levels of natural plant compounds known as antioxidant, which protects the body against free radical damages like aging, cancer, heart disease and many other degenerative diseases.

Juicing makes you look beautify: 

Juicing put a glow on your face making you look vibrant and cheerful, I call it the spark of life which comes from the gift of nature. You don’t really need expensive cosmetics to look pretty, those products are full of chemicals and cause more harm than good, just go with juicing soon you will begin to notice the changes in your body.

Juicing helps you consume several varieties of fruits and vegetables that cannot be otherwise eaten raw:

If you are like me, there some vegetable I can never eat in their raw state, juicing helps me consume these vegetables and rip their health benefits.

Juicing is pure fun:

Juicing fruits and vegetable is a really fun thing to do. I like to see it as a hobby or recreational activity, imagine pushing down your produce down a chute and the liquid come out from one side and the pulp the other, it really a fun thing to do.

Juicing fruits and vegetable is a really fun thing to do:

I like to see it as a hobby or recreational activity, imagine pushing down your produce down a chute and the liquid come out from one side and the pulp the other, it really a fun thing to do.


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